Time travelers analysis of looper

Great review and I agree with the 'time hates time travelers' theme. After a long career, he is finally saved from a life of crime and drug addiction by a beautiful Chinese woman who he marries, but his bliss is cut short by thugs who accidentally shoot and kill his wife when they arrive to collect him on the day of his execution.

I'm not an expert in time travel. The timeline of Old Joe, which we see via montage, and the timeline of Young Joe, where the story of the film takes place. There are other basic problems but this is the biggest one. Of course, it's wide open for interpretation, and regardless it seems to be terribly unpleasant: The timeline of Old Joe, which we see via montage, and the timeline of Young Joe, where the story of the film takes place.

This especially makes sense if Young Joe were to have killed Old Joe, saving Cid and Sarah, or if things played out the way they ultimately did. Obviously, the mobsters in Looper don't have degrees in theoretical physics, because they would have realized a quick and easy solution to this issue: This would cut off their money supply and might even make all their existing ill-gotten gains disappear.

There is no great reason for closing the loops. The two films let me explore the "what if" notion of time travel. It preceded and was necessary to set up the new, divergent timeline see Rule 2.

Assuming the first looper was sent back in time right before the super-illegal-period, then subsequent loopers, sent back 5 years later will have their 30 years period overlap with the super illegal period, thus making the point of sending them back moot.

This is borne out by what happens to Old Seth. Therefore future time travel is only erasing your existence from the point you went forward. When you go back in time you are only your young self again, meaning only one.

Discussion 28 He does not break free from the mobsters and send himself back in time with the intention of saving his dead wife. Materialistically or I would rather say tangibly time does not actually exist.

Interpreting Time Travel in Looper

We see throughout the film that the future can be reworked when a person has the right information -- this is the whole premise of Old Joe's actions. Maybe they are outfitted with "tracing technology" from the future. Why not pick midle-aged future people to work as executionner in the past, then let them enjoy their retirement in the past.

You say that the mob are going to loop Old Joe no matter what. No matter what they try to do, they find themselves in the same situations with the same types of people treating them in some way. Possible explanation, which does not seem to be supported by the movie: And, if possible, you should travel back to the start of the weekend and tell your past self to catch the next showing.

And no amount of reasoning can fix self-contradiction. Bending your mind around the layers and repetition of time travel is part of the fun, even in a bad time travel movie.

Writer/director Rian Johnson loves time travel movies too, even the bad ones. Jan 16,  · The Problem with Time Travel: A Spoiler Analysis of Looper and Timecrimes Before you read on, this is a big spoiler for two films that live through the element of surprise.

So if you haven't seen them, please do not read on. The time travel in Looper isn t perfect: like nearly all movies of its genre, Looper has its share of paradoxes.

Oct 05,  · A detailed analysis of Looper's time travel whys and wherefores is to follow. Just keep in mind that delving into the details is one reason we love time travel movies, so don't take our showcasing.

That scene in Looper that made me feel physicaly ill. [SPOILERS] (michaelferrisjr.com) submitted 5 years ago by The present is constantly having happened in the past, as is the future.

Future events in the past (Time travelers) Most of the analysis I've read talks about there being several multiverses prior to the events in the movie.

They. Jan 16,  · Time is not the decaying of the body either, even though that is one of the common ways in which we measure it.

Looper Analysis: Deconstructing Its Time Travel

It is not air nor water nor is it matter. One of the ways time exists or is actually measured is through speed. As Stephen Hawkings points out time travel into the future is really only possible with tremendous speed.

Time travelers analysis of looper
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