Ie349 card sorting experiment

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IE349-Card Sorting Experiment

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When sorting the cards by color, there will not be a significant difference in the number of trials between the low vision and standard deck of cards.

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You've got me curious. As a matter of fact, confounding variables are often difficult to control. Both the number of unsuccessful trials and the time it takes to complete the test will be recorded.

Ie349-Card Sorting Experiment

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Uncertainty of Card Sorting on Response Time Queens College City University of New York Method Participants The participants of the card sort experiment, were twenty-one psychology students enrolled in psychology W.

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There will be a significant time difference between sorting the standard deck of cards and the low vision cards by suit. The four distinct colors (red, green, blue, and black) will be easier to recognize and sort.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the difference (if any) between sorting a standard deck of cards and a low vision deck. Three tests: color, suit, and number sorting were compared. The dependent variables in the experiment included time and the number of trials it took for the student to complete the task successfully.

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Ie349 card sorting experiment
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IeCard Sorting Experiment Essay